Communication is the goal of speech therapy. Speech therapy addresses challenges your child may have with speech, communicating, language, fluency, voice, or dysphagia. Whether it is teaching a child to speak more clearly or helping a child differentiate between the sounds they are hearing, speech language pathologists can help.

A few of the many areas in which speech therapists work include:
  • Pronouncing certain sounds intelligibility
  • Listening and understanding language
  • Repairing strained or hoarse voices
  • Chewing and swallowing
  • Learning social skills to appropriately participate in conversations
  • Attention, memory and awareness in communication
Speech therapy is beneficial in many different situations including:
  • developmental delays
  • birth defects (e.g. cleft lip or cleft palate)
  • autism
  • cerebral palsy
  • downs syndrome
  • apraxia
  • delayed speech
  • hearing problems
  • voice problems
  • chewing and swallowing

Best Life speech therapists can improve your child’s ability to understand and be understood by the world around them.

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